Humans have all the fun – Wednesday 14th July 2021

Humans have all the fun

Well humans have all the fun. There I was yesterday, “Let me, let me,” as Mum poured flour all over the side in the kitchen. I thought if I poured it on the floor I could make paw prints and perhaps even blow it all over Shadow. Mum wasn’t in a good mood. She hadn’t intended to pour it everywhere. It was supposed to be going into a storage jar, but she missed in quite spectacular fashion. This is what happens if you try to do things quickly. Obviously I didn’t say that last bit out loud as it wouldn’t have gone down well.


I’ve coped with all the boxes, it’s the suitcase that has got to me. It’s funny, usually a suitcase means that Mum and I are off on our travels together. Suitcases always upset Alfie as he was worried he would be left behind and I now understand more about how he used to feel. There was a funny moment when Mum realised she actually takes more when we go away for a couple of weeks than she can take with her now. That’s because she’s got to take lots of other things apart from clothes with her. The good thing at the moment is that she doesn’t plan to go out and see anyone, so it doesn’t really matter what she wears.

Squirrel family

We had the whole squirrel family round yesterday morning. Now we know for certain that there are young ones. They were playing like crazy. I wanted to go and join them, but you’ve guessed, Mum wouldn’t let me. The young one is much browner than the older ones. We think there are two young ones and then the three older ones. Mum is going to be very sad moving away and leaving them all behind.



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