Odd anniversary – Thursday 15th July 2021

Odd anniversary

Today is an odd anniversary. Not that odd in the sense that it is Mum and Dad’s fifteenth wedding anniversary, but odd in the sense that there really isn’t much chance for them to do much about it. We’re all too young to remember when they got married. In those days Alfie was an only dog and even he didn’t get to attend the wedding. That seems odd knowing what Mum is like about all of us, but it was complicated. It took longer for a dog to get a passport in those days. Alfie was too young for his to be ready. He didn’t even go on the honeymoon, which on balance I think he was more annoyed about than the wedding.

Same place

At least when they got married they managed to be in the same place. Their life was odd then too as they were living in Belgium, but got married in England. Mum says that taking Alfie to dog training classes in Flemish was hard enough, she didn’t know what she would have been signing up to if she’d tried to get married in another language. I can probably vouch for that as she had a notification this week to say she’s been learning German for 2700 days and she still isn’t any good at it. She does tell me they have managed some of their anniversaries in the same place, but this won’t be one of them.

How to celebrate

We’re not really sure how Dad will celebrate today, but Mum will mostly be packing boxes and looking forward to moving into the new house. She says that’s quite enough of a present to buy themselves for one year. She pointed out that a fifteenth wedding anniversary is crystal and she really didn’t need anything else she could break. I can vouch for that one.

Love Wilma

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