Beacon Hill – Tuesday 31st August 2021

Beacon Hill

And then there’s Beacon Hill Country Park. Oh what a time I’ve been having. I have been to Beacon Hill in Leicestershire before, but that was in a November and it was cold and blowy. It was great going again in August when … it was cold and blowy! Hey, who cares, it was fantastic. There are two car parks, one at the bottom, so you can walk all the way up and one at the top, so you can be lazier. Last time we went to the bottom, this time it was the top.

A real Beacon

Beacon Hill, as the name suggests is the highest point in the area. It’s where they would have lit a beacon years ago to pass on a message. The advanced postal service. Anyway, because as you go to the East from Leicestershire, the land become very flat, it is the highest point for a very very long way. When she was growing up, Mum was always told the next point as high was somewhere in the then Soviet Union. You can’t see that far though. You can see a very long way though. There is a plinth with a brass top showing where lots of places are. We had great fun trying to work out what was what.

Great walks

There are some made up paths as well as rougher tracks, so it is a good place for all the family. There are children’s play areas, dog bins, and human toilets too. Oh and picnic benches. The car park was £2 for an hour, but I don’t know how much for longer.

It is another place well worth a visit. Do bear in mind there can be livestock around between April and October, so you may need to be on your lead. Out of that time, it is a good place to run off lead too as long as you are well behaved and don’t bother other people.



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