The Piggery – Sunday 3rd October 2021

The piggery

I’ve not told you about the piggery yet. In our garden there is a third shed. It used to be a piggery. It looks pretty much like a normal shed with a couple of exceptions. Firstly there is a rail down one side and secondly there are two sections of one side of the shed missing. I can only guess that they were where the pigs went in and out. At the moment, because of those holes, it’s no good for storage. What it is good for is dogs running into and out through one or other of the holes playing chase. It is so much fun. I’ve asked Mum if it can stay just as it is, but she says that is not her plan. I think that’s a shame. Maybe she should try a game of running in and out to see if she changes her mind.


Mum is flagging. She has had enough of emptying boxes. She is setting herself a target of ten boxes a day until the job is finished and quite honestly she is finding it hard going. We are encouraging her as it means we can move around the house more easily. There is now enough room for us all to lie on her office floor, which in itself is an amazing improvement. It means she can’t move her chair, but you can’t have everything.

The biggest problem now is that most of the cupboards are already full and there’s nowhere left to put the remaining things. Either we are going to have to be ruthless and start throwing things out, or we’re going to have to add a few more sheds to the garden to put it all in.

If we could have a few more sheds with holes in their sides, imagine the fun we could all have. I think I might suggest it.