Christmas is declared – Friday 26th November 2021

Christmas is declared

Christmas is declared open. At least that’s the case in this house. I did wonder why Mum was doing so much cleaning yesterday, but apparently it’s so she can put the Christmas decorations up. It’s going to take a few days to get sorted, but we’re all scheduled to help, which is great. We have to promise not to cause any of the strings of lights to become unnecessarily ravelled, but I think we can manage that. There are a few problems that we’re going to need to discuss. We don’t have a chimney. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not silly enough to be worrying how Santa Paws will get in. Mum’s already told me that she’s left a key, so that’s sorted. I’m more worried about where we’re going to hang our stockings.

No Mantlepiece

In the past our stockings have hung on the mantlepiece and I always knew where to go to check them. Now we don’t have a mantlepiece. We don’t have anywhere that looks like a mantelpiece. Mum has suggested they could go on the banister that runs along the little landing about the lounge, but I’m not sure about that. We have the other mantlepiece decorations to go somewhere too. Mum has had an idea of where the outdoor Santa could go. She thinks it’s going to be possible for him to go on the roof as the velux window is easy to reach to attach him. As long as she isn’t planning to climb up any ladders then we’ll be fine. I think she’d quite like a sled and a reindeer to go on the roof too, but she may be getting carried away.

If you can’t beat ‘em…

You know the old saying. If Mum is going to be getting out her Christmas jumpers then I suppose I may as well show willing. We need to find the santa hat for the cuddly moose head that’s up on the wall too. Never let it be said that this is a normal household.