Normal Life – Tuesday 4th January 2022

Normal Life

Christmas is over and normal life can resume. At least that’s the theory. To be honest I think you humans are all long past having any idea what normal life even looks like. If you think losing a couple of years of your lives is bad then spare a thought for your pets. For puppies born during or just before the first lockdown, they will have spent almost two years of their short lives having no concept of what is normal. For many their socialisation will have been irrevocably hampered. We’re going to have a lot of dogs growing up with deep psychological issues. Two years is at least a sixth of the life of most dogs.

Here’s a tip

If you want to make money after all this is over now is the time to train in either animal or human psychology or therapy. There is going to be a very big demand for help to sort out the mess that will be left behind. I don’t just mean humans here, you dogs can train too. Go out and train to be therapy dogs. There is going to be a very big demand for your services as the world tries to readjust. I’ve got my paws full with Mum, so won’t be able to take on any other cases, but you all could. Just think of the biscuits you could earn. Set yourself up with a Harley Street address. No one needs to know it’s a suburban kennel in a back yard away from London. Do that and you could probably earn bones as well as biscuits.

In the meantime

In the meantime the most exciting it’s going to get around here is helping to take down all the decorations. Mum has started on the lights in the garden but it’s going to take a while. I’m guessing she may be regretting putting quite so many up.



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