Herding dogs – Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Herding dogs

We’re herding dogs and we’re proud of it. Mum seems to think it’s an annoyance a lot of the time as we herd anyone and everyone even if they didn’t want to be moved into a tight group. At last we’ve found a use for a skills. At least me and Aristotle have. Shadow has started wandering off in a little world of her own as I’ve told you. When we go outside we all enjoy having a good sniff around, but when Mum calls us that it is time to come in we are there, by her side, in an instant – except Shadow. Shadow is now largely deaf. She has no idea she is being called, unless we shout it in her ear.

No biscuit

Anyway, as we don’t get a biscuit until all three of us have come in Aristotle and I have realised we need Shadow. When we come in and there’s just the two of us, Mum then heads back outside to look for Shadow. Ari and I have worked out we can do the job much faster than Mum, so we’ve taken to seeing Mum go out and then running off around the garden and escorting Shadow back inside. You can’t believe how pleased Mum is with us. We’re only trying to speed up getting our biscuit, but it’s nice to be told we’re good and clever dogs too.

The moths

Mum says it’s a shame we can herd the moths as well. She thinks she’s making progress, but has had to move all the boxes that we’d put in storage in a corner of the room. Of course, she can’t remember how they all fitted so putting them back will be fun. It will be a while before they go back as at the moment the moths are still fighting back.