Olive tree – Thursday 21st December 2023

Olive tree

We have a new olive tree. Some of our lovely friends sent it to me as a present to cheer me up, because I’m missing Ari so much. Ari would have really appreciated it. Now I have to learn very quickly what to do to look after it as he did. His are spending the winter outside, but Mum said I should feed and water it first and then get it acclimatised – whatever that means. The two he had already are sitting somewhere sheltered. Apparently there’s room for this one to sit with them until the new patio is ready, but I need to put it in a heavier pot first so it doesn’t blow over. Mum’s going to take me to the garden centre to buy a pot which matches the others.

Taking shape

It may not be finished but some of the building work is starting to take shape. Our garden room now has half a roof. Mum assures me it will progress to a whole roof and that should be today. We have a plasterer in the house today so I’m keeping out of the way.

Only today and tomorrow and then we get a break for a few days. If the weather stays a bit drier than Mum says I can start some gardening lessons. We won’t start with anything too difficult, but I’ve got to start somewhere. If nothing else I need to help Mum to replace some of the batteries in the fairy lights and find out what’s living in the greenhouse. Something has eaten through a bag of compost, which seems a strange thing to do when there is bird food in there, but maybe that wasn’t what they fancied.

Sunday might be some gardening. Saturday Mum has promised me a girlie day with lots of cooking. I’m really rather looking forward to it. I should point out that it’s not a girlie day because we’re cooking. It will be a girlie day as it will just be the two of us, so we’re having some mother / daughter time.



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