Small squirrel – Saturday 3rd July 2021

Aristotle smiling for the camera

Small squirrel

There’s a small squirrel in the garden. Either, our squirrels have brought a friend round, or two of them have been up to mischief and produced another one. Mum was thoroughly enjoying watching it and now, more than ever wants to take them all with us. I’ve explained that’s not possible. Who knows how many aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews we might leave behind. They could be very miserable if we only invited half of the family to accompany us. Mum knows I will encourage her to feed the birds and squirrels in our new home. How else am I going to keep up all my supplementary meals?

Today’s plan

Today’s plan for packing is a fun one that we can all take part in. Today Mum is sorting out the garden. There are some pots which need soil emptying out of and she needs to round up all the solar lamps and things like that. As long as it doesn’t rain then she has promised to move onto other outdoor things, like the summerhouse. That way we can have lots of outdoor time and make the most of our garden here before we leave. I know our new garden will be bigger, but there is something special about the place you are used to and where you’ve spent years digging up the squirrels nuts.

Shadow’s voice

Shadow’s been barking too much again. She has a very croaky voice. Of course, she can’t hear what she sounds like and I’ve given up trying to tell her. She just sounds really funny. It means Mum doesn’t sleep so well as she’s listening for when Shadow wants to go out and worries she won’t hear. I think she’s going to set the baby monitor up to make it easier.



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