A happy outcome – Sunday 28th April 2019

A Happy Outcome

Don’t you just love a story with a happy outcome? My old buggy is now very happily in use in its new home. Our Mistress couldn’t get it in our car so it was pretty useless to us. Anyway, its new family are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and two German Shepherds. The Spaniels are quite elderly and can’t keep up on the longer walks. The great news is that they both fit very happily together into the buggy so don’t need to be left out.

It’s also a happy outcome for us as it means there is more space in the summerhouse and our Mistress has been getting it ready so we can work out there together.


Alfie had his pawdicure while we were in day care yesterday. It’s so very funny to watch him walking now. It’s like he’s still expecting his claws to be too long and he keeps looking surprised when he puts his paws down and they aren’t. He’s still walking with his legs at funny angles, so it looks as though that’s more about his legs than the claws. Our Mistress says one good thing is that it’s quieter when he goes into one of his constantly walking round phases as we don’t hear him tapping on the floor.

Generally Better

Anyway, Alfie is generally over his upset stomach now. He says he can’t believe how tired it left him feeling, but he’s almost back to his old self. Our Mistress slept downstairs with him last night again just in case, but she thinks they are safe to go back up again now.

Given that we are all fit and well, or at least what passes for it in this household, I think it’s time we came up with an adventure of two. I wonder if I could persuade our Mistress to take me out to somewhere nice for a day out. Maybe she could take me for a picnic. Obviously not in the rain, but hopefully the weather will improve again soon.

Have a great Sunday


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