Deliveries – Thursday 9th May 2019


Deliveries to this house seem to have gone out of control. It’s not so much that there are too many, as far as I’m concerned any are too many but that’s another story. Yesterday there must have been something in the air. It’s all part of our Mistress deciding to work from the summerhouse. She has ordered a bell to go on the wall by the gate to make it easier if people call for them to get her attention without opening the gate. Anyway, It’s a very nice bell but that wasn’t the odd thing. She received an email to say it would arrive on 3rd of June, so she really wasn’t expecting it just yet. She didn’t mind, but that wasn’t the only odd thing. She also ordered a new desk and selected the option for them to ring her to arrange delivery. After that she got an email to say it was coming on Monday, but as that wasn’t too bad she decided not to follow it up. Then yesterday the phone rang and a man wanted to check exactly where we lived as he was about to deliver it there and then. So much for choosing selecting a delivery time. Luckily she was here. On the bright side, that means my sleep won’t be so disturbed on Monday or the 3rd of June come to that.


To be honest, working in the summerhouse seems a bit optimistic given how much rain we are having. It’s like someone has turned a tap on and then gone away to do something else and forgotten about it. Our Mistress is trying (and failing) to dodge the showers to walk the other three and I’m fed up with squelching my way around the back garden. Getting wet going swimming is one thing. I get towelled dry and then the hair dryer. I don’t get that every time I go into the back garden. Oh I can be towelled dry, but I don’t get a big fluffy towel and then my dressing gown put on when I’m done. I think my daily care at home needs a bit of an upgrade in this weather. I need pampering.

Love Alfie