A Bit of Excitement – Saturday 20th July 2019

A bit of excitement

Well our journey yesterday had a bit of excitement after all. It wasn’t too bad for a Friday right up to the point that a police car pulled in front of us with a ‘Do not pass’ light flashing. You can tell she had been going a little too fast as Mum’s first thought was that she was being pulled over for speeding. As it turned out they weren’t so worried about that. It was the car on fire on the motorway ahead of us that was the problem. By the time the police car stopped we had a very good view of all the action. When I say ‘we’, that is to say the humans did. I just got to look at the queue of traffic that formed behind us and the fire engine and police cars that came past. Mum was really grateful that the wind was blowing the smoke away from us. We had to wait an hour before they could reopen the road but we kept ourselves entertained and felt sorry for the poor driver who no longer had a car.

Small Room

I will of course write up the information on where we stayed last night, but you couldn’t chase a kitten round it, never mind a cat. It was somewhat small. There was no way that Mum could move around the room without standing on either me or my bed. There was a bit more room on Dad’s side of the bed, but not enough for my bed to be out of the way. It was nice and clean but I think it would have only really worked with one human and a dog in the room or maybe only a dog. If we’d stayed there much longer we would have fallen out.

Less Eventful

Now we’re ready to set off on the second leg of our journey to where we are staying in Germany and are rather hoping that it will be less eventful. We won’t be as long in the car today I hope too.

Have a great day



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