I don’t like storms – Sunday 28th July 2019

I don’t like storms

Ok I admit it, I don’t like storms. I got really really scared both yesterday and the previous night. Mum was great and very understanding, but I was very scared. The first night I went and got into bed with her but it was so hot that rather than just tell me to get out she took me downstairs and slept on the settee with me. Yesterday she took me down to the basement where it’s cool and you can’t really see what’s going on and played music to me so I didn’t hear it too. I was definitely glad when it had all gone.

Behind me is the way to the basement

Quiet day

We didn’t really do much yesterday, partly because of the storms and partly because it was still much hotter than we were expecting. We got up very late as it had been late before we’d got to sleep and just sort of lazed around a bit. We did go out for a short walk, but it was hotter in the place we went to so I asked if she could go and have a sit down and a drink instead. Mum thinks we should go on holiday in June or September when it’s not so hot so we can go on more long walks.


One of the highlights of the day was when Mum went to clear up where I’d pooed. I really don’t know what it says about my diet, but there were two beautiful blue butterflies sitting on it. Mum had to ask them to move before she cleared up.


Now I’m putting the storms behind me and getting very excited. Today I am going to my beloved Switzerland for the first time in months. Oh I’ve missed being there. Mama, I’m on my way. I can’t wait to see you and my sister and the puppies.