Good to be home – Monday 5th August 2019

Good to be home

Well it really is good to be home. I’m struggling. My front and back legs just don’t seem to do the things I tell them. I’m having good days and bad days but I’m certainly happy to have some tender loving care from our Mistress. When I got back, the first thing she did was to give my coat a good brush and stroke me all over. I did manage to get up the steps into the house, driven by the thought of my tea being ready. I was less keen to go up them again when it was just time to come in from the garden and there was no more food promised. It is not easy being an old dog, but I try my best.

Shadow and Ari

Shadow and Ari on the other paw are full of bounce. They have done their best to look after me and I’m grateful. I may sleep quite a bit for the next day or two. Funnily enough, Ari says he’s been playing so much while we were away that he might sleep quite soundly too. Ari really has had a lovely time and does enjoy it. He’s not a worrier like I am and I think that helps. Wilma is pleased to have us back but likes having our Mistress to herself.

Today’s plan

Today’s plan is to catch up. I don’t think I’ve got much to catch up with, but our Mistress has. Subject to weather the others are all having their walks this afternoon. The worst part of the day from my point of view is that our Mistress has got a number of deliveries coming. It means the doorbell will ring and there will be uproar. I can’t complain too much as one of the deliveries will be my food.

Have a good Monday