Eventful – Monday 9th September 2019


Well, yesterday was eventful. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Mum shaking. We got off to an early start, which as things turned out was just as well. We were at the Pet Check In by just after 8am French time. That was when it all started to go wrong. You will of course be pleased to know that my microchip was fine and I didn’t have the problem Shadow had eight years ago. Mine was just a question of the vet not having stamped my passport. She had written in that I’d had my worming and correctly time and dated the entry, but she’d forgotten to use their official stamp.

As soon as the woman at check in said to Mum there was a problem she simply started shaking. Thankfully her brain was still working it was only her body which went into shock. The people were lovely and said this problem wasn’t going to mean we couldn’t travel. It simply meant we had to go to see the vet in Calais to sort it out.

Lovely Man

Now, if you’ve read this blog for a long time, you will know that the vet in Calais 8 years ago was a dreadful man and Mum walking out with Shadow and drove all the way back to Switzerland. It meant she was dreading taking me. However, she needn’t have worried. The surgery had moved to a new modern building with parking. There was a lovely vet who was there and apparently we were only lucky to catch him as he’d just dealt with an emergency and would not normally have been there at 8am on a Sunday morning. He sorted it all out and we checked in again at just after 8.30am.

Road Closures

Once we got to England Mum already felt exhausted. We met our first road closure within a mile of leaving the Channel Tunnel and had to drive back towards the coast and go a long way round. Firstly we met a cycle race, so they probably didn’t appreciate the traffic. Then we found that road was closed too and we got diverted again. We’d only done about twenty miles by then. The third problem was showing as some way ahead of us, but we got taken a different, slower, was to avoid it. We’d both had enough by then. By the time we eventually got home we both said we didn’t want to see the car again for a long time.

Being a travelling dog is not always as glamorous as it sounds.



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