Vitamin D – Monday 23rd March 2020

Vitamin D

Mum decided that we needed to top up our vitamin D levels yesterday. I think wanted to sit in the sunshine and do nothing for a while. Who was I to complain? I was more than happy to sit in the garden with having a cuddle and feeling the sun on my fur. Even though the back of our house faces north the garden is big enough to get some sunshine. I think if the weather is good we will spend a lot of time outside. At least in the back garden we won’t risk meeting anyone else. For the next two weeks Dad will be able to wave to us from the window. We just have to hope his journey home today goes to plan.


I have been trying to create my own login for our diary’s Facebook page. I seem to be in trouble and not allowed to get in. I’m not sure that me being honest when they asked for a photograph was helpful. It might have been better using one of Mum. I think they wanted one of a human. Now I seem to be locked out and Mum needs to appeal to them. Mum says she does not want to me using Alfie’s login as it freaks her out when she sees that he has left a comment. I guess he might be sending messages from over the rainbow but I’m not sure he would choose to do that using Facebook. It’s a slightly spooky thought.

Dad’s isolation

Mum has gone to great lengths to make sure that Dad’s isolation is not too bad. He’s got a fridge stocked with beer, some wine and his favourite crisps. He’s got other things like tea and tinned fruit too and Mum will take him proper meals. He says if it’s too good he may just try to stay there longer. I don’t think he really means it though.



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