Beef Jerky – Saturday 11th January 2020

Beef Jerky

The beef jerky has nearly run out. I’ve pushed Wilma out of the way so I can get to the keyboard to ask your thoughts. What shall I name as the price for having to share a room with my mother when the beef jerky has gone? I can get Bonios and other biscuits any time I like as I can reach the work surface quite easily, so there’s no excitement in those. And, quite frankly, I see enough kibble at mealtimes. I want something just a little more interesting than that. I’m quite a fan of cheese, but I’ve looked and I don’t think there’s any in the fridge, unless you count the mouldy piece at the back and I’m not that desperate.

Unless I can come up with a better idea, I’m thinking carrot. What do you reckon? I know it’s healthy, but I do quite like it and don’t get it very often as Alfie gets first shout if there’s carrot going begging.


I would just like to make sure you know, there is nothing wrong with my teeth and gums. I’m a sensible dog and brush them every night. The blood from playing tug was entirely my mother’s fault. Our Mistress has had a discussion with her about personal hygiene. That makes our Mistress a rather braver person than I am! To be fair, Shadow keeps herself impeccably clean with the exception of her teeth. I guess we all have our weak points.

Early mornings

Wilma has decided she is an early riser. Well more to the point early in asking for her breakfast. For reasons no one has any idea, she now thinks it is acceptable to wake us all up at 5am. It was 4.38 one day this week. We’re all going to be falling out with her about it pretty soon the way it’s going, although we may need to wake our Mistress first.

Alfie yesterday

Have a great Saturday


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