Well done Lia – Tuesday 28th April 2020

Well done Lia

Well I have to start by saying well done Lia. Obviously, it’s very early days for the puppies and we just hope that everything goes well. The good news is that Lia has given birth to five beautiful puppies. They weigh between 424g and 484g, which are all good weights. They bring the total number of our breed to 117 in the UK. The first born is called Bach, which is such a brilliant name for a dog. I just hope that when he opens his mouth he is as musical as you would expect. Given that his brothers and sisters are Berlioz, Bartok, Brahms and Bliss it could be a very musical household. We are so very proud of Lia and of course their dad, Tsjerno as well.

Lia and family

Keep Off

I’m in the bad books again. Is it my fault that Mum as planted beans on the piece of garden I use as my springboard when doing laps of the garden? That bit has a slight bank to it and I can really get some power behind charging across the garden if I go up the bank first. ‘Apparently’ that’s not helpful to the beans growing. Now let’s just examine this shall we? I’ve been using that bit of garden all winter. Mum knew that before she planted the beans. Wouldn’t the obvious solution have been to plant them somewhere else? It was obvious we would fall out about it otherwise.

Shadow’s brother

I just want to send all our love to Shadow’s brother Kai and his family. Kai is sadly very seriously ill. He has cancer and it can’t be treated. It really is so very hard. It has made us all stop and think about Shadow and make the most of the time she will still be part of the family. It’s easy to forget she’s old. Anyway, all our love to Kai and his family and to her other brother Rocky and his family too.



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