Our Own Fountain – Thursday 13th August 2020

Our Own Fountain

We seem to have our own fountain. Why I have no idea! It’s one of those things that the humans in our house do for no reason ever explicable to a dog. Apparently, Dad (usually daft things are Mum, so this makes a change) saw it advertised. It’s solar powered and he thought it would be ‘fun’. Why have we got it? We are the only ones with a pool of water big enough for it to go in. Unless that is you include their barrel waterfall, which is broken and which replaced the previous one that broke. Just for the record, I had nothing to do with either breakage.

We are not convinced

Anyway, so the solar fountain has been added to our paddling pool on the basis we might like it. None of the three of us has got our heads round the paddling pool yet and, as you can see from the photo, Ari really isn’t interested in the fountain. Still if it keeps the humans happy then why should be argue? What you need to know about it is that it was designed for houses on the equator. If it is not in full sun then rather than a jet of water you get a pathetic, and frankly laughable, dribble.


The other thing that is making Mum very happy at the moment is that squirrel has understood how the second feeder works. It has a lid so that the squirrel can help himself whenever he chooses. It was on the side of the summerhouse for years and was never used. Mum moved it to near their picnic bench and not only put some nibbles on the ledge for them but propped the lid up with a stick so they realised there was more inside. Now the stick is not needed as they have totally understood where the next meal is coming from.

Mum’s asked Dad to bring her camera back from Switzerland when he comes so she can take some photos for you.



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