Thundery weather – Wednesday 12th August 2020

Thundery weather

Oh boy was it thundery weather yesterday? It isn’t helped by Mum’s office getting hotter than the rest of the house. Who could blame me for taking up my usual spot outside on the slabs. I ended up standing and sitting quite a lot as it was just one of those days where I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. Now, if someone had said ‘ice cream’ I’d have been there like a shot, but they didn’t. There was another good reason not to be in the office. The human tendency to sweat is not a pleasant one. Why can’t you just pant like the rest of us. I suggested to Mum that she’d be better sitting outside with me. She did for a while, but she pointed out that one of us needed to get some work done and if it wasn’t going to be me then it had better be her.

Which is my best side? This one…

The best places in the house

When the weather is like that the best places in the house are – the hall, as it has no direct windows and a stone floor, our shower room as it has no windows at all and a tiled floor. The utility – which does have windows but they don’t face the sun so it stays cool. I’m happy to leave the others to appreciate those as I’m much more an outdoor girl every time. I did suggest Mum might find it better lying on a stone floor but she seemed less keen.

…or this one?

On the bright side

Of course, on the bright side, as long as Mum remembers to water the plants they are all growing pretty well. The carrots are much bigger this year, which is great news as that means more for us. I’ve been eating the greengages as well. Actually, I’ve been clearing up the spare bird seed too. There’s a pattern here and it could account for why Mum has to have me permanently on a diet.



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