Oh this is confusing – Tuesday 6th October 2020

Oh this is confusing

Well I don’t know about the others, but this is confusing even for me. Mum has to dismantle a wardrobe in our normal bedroom. She wants to sleep in a different room while she does it due to a mould problem. Anyway, she has moved us into the room Dad uses to quarantine when he comes home. Firstly, when she was getting it ready, Shadow could hear her moving about upstairs. She came running to me saying, “Can you hear that? Can you hear that?” Well I could, and it was the sound of floorboards creaking. I didn’t get what she meant. When Mum came down Shadow was beside herself. “I heard the floorboards. Is Dad home? Where’s Dad?” To be fair I felt quite sorry for her. She sleeps with Dad when he’s up there and she really misses him while he’s away.

Hard to convince

Mum sat down with her and gave her a cuddle and tried to explain. Then when we all went up to bed it all kicked off again. Shadow was going round in circles and getting over excited. To be fair, she’s quite good at getting over excited. Then she didn’t know which bed she should be in and wanted to go back to the other bedroom. Once Mum showed her where she’d put her water bowl and explained again she was somewhat mollified, but I suspect it will be a few days before she really believes that Dad is not here.

Boiler service

You wouldn’t think having the boiler serviced was something a dog would be excited by. You would of course be wrong. Firstly, it meant the smell of someone different appeared where the man had been working outside. That is a rare thing around here at the moment. Secondly, Mum had to put the heating on so it could be tested and as it was a warm day she was far too hot. The good thing about that is we were allowed to have the back door open for ages to let the office cool down a bit and we all love the freedom of going in and out as we please. We thought that was pretty much finished for this year so it was definitely a bonus.



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