Stepping Up – Tuesday 15th December 2020

Stepping Up

Mum has been stepping up her exercise and trying to get both Shadow and Ari to do a little more too. Our house is all the wrong shape for two dogs who are travelling with stairs. We live on the top of a hill and the house is on a slope. I don’t mean the whole house slopes, if it did Mum would just fall over all the time. The front door is level with the ground, but you have to go down 6 stairs to the back door and go up six stairs to the office. Anyway, Mum has been taking both Shadow and Ari out through the front door and round the side of the house to the back garden to avoid stairs. It’s a bit frustrating at 4 in the morning when Shadow wants to go out, but otherwise ok.

Getting Better

Anyway, both Shadow and Ari have been on rest for long enough and now need to get moving more and are able to spend more time with Mum. That means Mum going to them as they still shouldn’t do stairs. They have both been helping with the household chores and now Mum is doing some of her work in the lounge too, which Ari is more than happy with. They are all spending more time outside exercising too, which is good for them. Mum says they really need to go swimming, but that’s easier said than done at the moment.

Aristotle Entlebucher Mountain Dog squeezed on the chair Mum is trying to use to work
Ari helping Mum work

So who is stepping up?

The actual stepping up bit is mum. She has a Wiifit board. She has had it for a very long time. It is now set it up in a room that Ari and Shadow are able to be around while she uses. When Mum turned it on, it said it was 3408 days since she’d last used it. Oh I laughed. You can tell how long ago as the dog set up on it to be weighed was my aunt Megan. Now while Ari and Shadow rest they can watch mum exercising. It is so funny to watch. There’s this one game where you have to head away footballs and avoid the football boots and rather oddly, flying pandas. You would not believe the number of times Mum has been knocked down by a flying panda this week.



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