How Many Sparrows? – Sunday 31st January 2021

How Many Sparrows?

Yesterday was mostly about working out how many sparrows there were in the garden. Mum was taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. She’d set herself up at the window upstairs where she could see the bird feeders and so I could be with her without me upsetting the birds. At one point she counted eighteen tree sparrows. She didn’t manage to get a photo with all of them in, but she got most of them. What was funny was when she looked carefully at the picture and realised one of them wasn’t a tree sparrow. I don’t mean the dove, obviously. Even Mum isn’t that stupid. There is one house sparrow in amongst them all.

Good Day for Wildlife

It was a shame Mum didn’t have her big camera with her when she and Aristotle were in the garden earlier. The squirrels came and had their breakfast whilst Mum and Ari were there. Mum had only got her phone handy but at last she has managed to get a photo of one of the squirrels on its own little picnic table. They never seem to come down when I’m around.

Needing My Own Space

I had one of those nights a couple of days ago, when I just needed my own space. My leg has been hurting and I was just uncomfortable. Anyway, the important point is that Mum missed me so much with not sleeping in her bed, that she made a real fuss of me the following night. It made me think I should take that approach once in a while to get the full benefit of being spoiled afterwards. We had such lovely cuddles and absolutely nothing was too much trouble. Did I want another pillow? Would I like my tummy rubbed? Did I fancy a shoulder massage? I could get very used to this sort of treatment.



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