Over sensitive – Thursday 25th March 2021

Over sensitive

Aristotle is over sensitive about all his shaved parts at the moment. Mum tried to run her hand over his side and tummy but he stuck his tail between his legs and asked her to stop. I think he was worried he was going to be prodded and poked all over again, but she was only going to stroke him. She went back to cuddling him instead and he was much happier with that. He said he’d never imagined so much of his fur would be shaved away and he’s really worried it won’t grow back – or worse that it will come back grey. Mum told him not to be such a wuss, but he says his fur is one of his best features.

We should have been clearer

I should have been clearer about my weather requirements. I know I said sunny days would be good because then Dad could sit outside with Mum, but perhaps I should have said without a cold wind. Yesterday was certainly sunny, but neither one of them thought sitting outside in it was such a good idea. Whichever weather god is listening, please could it be sunny and warm and not too windy? It’s not too much to ask, it was like that last year. It makes this whole stay at home thing much easier, when it’s nice outside.

Shadow’s water bowl

Shadow is now absolutely bonkers about her kibble feeder. Mind you, Shadow is absolutely bonkers – I could have stopped sentence there. Despite the fact it’s bigger and won’t get stuck under furniture she is still creating three problems with it. Firstly, she still managed to get it behind the television. None of us can work out how! Secondly, she is damaging the paintwork of the skirting boards, but Mum said they need repainting anyway. Thirdly, despite being told to play at the other end of the room, she keeps knocking her water bowl over. If she’s not careful, Mum will take it away from her and then she won’t be happy!