Snoring – Tuesday 25th May 2021


Apparently, I’ve been snoring. Obviously I couldn’t hear, but both Mum and Dad have told me, so I guess it’s probably true. I’m always tired after a few days in kennels. It’s not just the exercise it’s the excitement of being around the other dogs. Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s more the stress of having to share a kennel with Shadow. We get on fine, she just drives me nuts. The end result is that my first night home from kennels I sleep deeply and snore like a tractor.

To put the problem in context, Mum has not been staying in kennels, nor has she shared a room with Shadow, but she snores anyway and I haven’t made a fuss about that. Dad might have mentioned it to her though. She says it’s because she’s not well, but I have my doubts.

Change of Address

You think as a dog there isn’t so much for you to do with regard to moving house, but it seems I was wrong. Mum asked if I could make a list of all the people I needed to notify of my address change. I wrote three things on the piece of paper she gave me and thought that was it. Things went downhill from there. It wasn’t so much that I’d forgotten important things like my Passport and my health insurance and come to that my Kennel Club registration, the real problem came with two of the things I had written down.

My food supplier isn’t an issue, which I have to say is a huge relief. The other two were my lovely vet and our wonderful kennels. Mum had to explain we will be too far from them and I’ll need to register with new places. I’m sorry, but on that basis I simply don’t want to move. I’m not sure how I’m going to break the news to Shadow and Aristotle.



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