Shadow’s Leg – Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Shadow’s leg

Shadow’s leg is not doing too well. Mum spent some time examining her and one of the problems is that because it was hurting she wasn’t using it enough and has some muscle wastage. Mum has told her she needs to be doing much more exercise even if it is at a slow and gentle pace. Her leg brace definitely helps, but unfortunately with the loss of muscle it is too big for her and is slipping off. ‘No problem,’ Mum said, ‘I’ll add another strip of Velcro so we can make it tighter.’ That was when the problems started. Mum has packed the sewing machine… and the Velcro.

Which Box?

Now, Mum has made lists of which box contains what items. However, as the boxes all look much the same and are in a pile, finding the right one is not a simple task. Mum is now seeing if she can make it work better without any major alteration in the hope that unpacking is not required.

On the bright side she did have a nice walk around the garden following Mum but going at her own pace. Mum decided that was best until she really gets herself sorted out again as a lead walk around the village could prove too much. In the garden she can go at her own speed.

Cuddly boy

When Aristotle has been away from Mum for a day or two in kennels he can be really funny when he comes home. He’s always especially cuddly and wants to snuggle up to her. He doesn’t make any fuss about going to kennels and says he quite enjoys it, but he’s a really mummy’s boy when he comes back. He doesn’t leave Mum alone at all and spends all his time trying to climb onto her knee, even when she’s trying to work at her desk.



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