Backpacks – Tuesday 22nd June 2021


I take back everything I said about drills, it seems our real problem is backpacks. How many backpacks can one person carry at once? In this house it would need to be more than five for them to all be in use. That doesn’t include my backpacks and let’s be honest, I’ve got more than one so I probably shouldn’t be saying anything. The worrying thing is they very rarely use any of them. They seem to get them free for one reason or another and add them to the pile under the stairs. Mum says when we unpack the other end there needs to be some serious sorting out, but I think that comment was levelled at Dad rather than us.


The boxes have formed a sort of maze in the dining room. Mum has simply piled them up but not necessarily very neatly. Poor Shadow, she was trying to get to where Mum was in the hall so she went out of the kitchen as normal and got stuck in the end of a maze. She was very upset and didn’t know what to do. It took her ages to shunt out backwards and come round by a different way.

To be fair, Shadow’s having a bit of a hard time. The arthritis in her hip is worse at the moment and she’s been struggling to get up. Mum has put her leg brace on and she is so happy to have the support. It makes a great deal of difference to her. She really needs to build up the muscle in that leg by doing more exercise but she says it hurts quite a bit, so she’s not so keen. I think Mum is going to encourage her to do a little bit several times a day instead of all on one go.



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