Schedule for the day – Monday 19th July 2021

Schedule for the day

Well my schedule for the day is not too bad. I shall eat, stretch my legs, sleep, play with my friends – you know the sorts of thing. Today, I’m glad I’m here in kennels and not at home. It is the first of the days that the removal men will be there. When I spoke to Mum late last night, she hadn’t finished packing. She’d done most of it, but not exactly all of it. She’s blaming the ‘washing machine incident’. If only I’d been there with my camera. She said at one point it spurted water all down her front and into her face. She didn’t mind too much as the water was clean and she was really hot at the time. The problem was that it led to a large amount of cleaning up.

Call the plumber

At the heart of the problem was the fact that the water would not turn off completely when she tried to remove the old washing machine. She tried all the right things… and some of the wrong ones, but to no avail. Thankfully the plumber is going to help her out this morning, so everything should be sorted in plenty of time – at least where the washing machine is concerned.

All very strange

I guess it’s all going to be very strange, having the house packed up bit by bit. I don’t know how much they’ll do today, but I hope they remember to leave a bed for Mum to sleep in. If they forget she’ll be turning up here later to see if she can share with me. I’ve only brought one of my smaller beds with me so it would be a struggle. Maybe Shadow would share.  I’m sure Mum’s got it all under control, but without me there to keep an eye on her you can never be too sure.



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  1. I know this might sound odd coming from a complete stranger, but I am going to miss you.

    I know you are still going to be doing daily entries but it will be different.

    I have followed Alfie for years. I have watched the live cams of Shadow”s puppies growing and going. I have felt like a neighbour living in the same country. A long way away but the same county!

    I hope that the move goes smoothly and can’t wait for new adventures in your new home.

    • Oh how very kind of you. I’m sure you’ll love the new place too. We can explore it all together, which will be huge fun. I can’t wait to tell you about my new walks and favourite places.

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