Not so Normal Day – Tuesday 20th July 2021

Not so Normal Day

Mum had a not so normal day yesterday. Oh, she sat at her desk and worked, but at the same time she kept an eye on lots of our furniture and boxes being carried out of the house and being put into vans. Due to Covid she stayed in her office all day, which felt odd in itself. Thankfully the plumber sorted out the washing machine and I’m pleased to say it was nothing Mum was doing wrong and it really was broken. She felt better about that. She hates to find she just got it wrong.

Getting odder

Today the men will take everything out of our office so Mum won’t be able to be at her desk anymore. I don’t know where she plans to be. She says she’d quite like to stay in bed for the day, but that’s not really an option. I suppose she will either be outside or upstairs in her bedroom. I said if they haven’t taken the sun loungers yet then maybe she could have a nap outside on one of those. The flaw in that plan is that the cushions have been packed, so it wouldn’t be all that comfortable.

In hiding

I do feel bad that I’m not there to look after her, but let’s be honest, I’m too busy enjoying myself. I really don’t need to be worrying about there being lots of strange men in the house. She did come out of hiding once they’d gone, but she felt very uncomfortable around the house. She still wants to avoid people as much as possible. Shadow says she knows how Mum feels, but I think she was only joking. Shadow just pretends to be antisocial to make sure that humans know their places.




    • Thank you. I think she’s got to the point where she’d just like to sleep for a few days
      Love Wilma

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