Fun Day Is Here Again – Tuesday 27th July 2021

Fun Day Is Here Again

Fun Day is here again – There’s going to be a fun day and I want to go. We haven’t had a doggy fun day for so very long and now one’s being arranged and I really really want to go. Unfortunately Mum has said she won’t take me. I’m wondering whether I could go without her. Part of it is because she’s still avoiding people and of course I don’t want her to be ill, but part of it is because of being busy moving house.

I haven’t seen my Entlebucher friends in such a long time that it really would be marvellous to be able to go. You should see us run when we get together. We go crazy. Mum says it’s great to watch us, but I can tell you it’s even better to be us. I suppose I shouldn’t be so ungrateful, at least I’ve got doggy friends to play with at the moment and that’s fun too.

Adding up time

Mum has had one or two problems sorting out our new telephone line and internet for the new house. When I say one or two – so far it has taken her four phone calls totalling two hours and forty two minutes so far. You’d think that was enough, but she has to ring again this afternoon. How can anything be that difficult? Sometimes I’m quite sure humans make up these things as games to see just how much time they can waste. I know I won’t be happy if I can’t use the internet to post my diary, but there are limits. All that time would be far better spent having a really long walk. Mum agreed and said to be honest she was quite ready to go back to using pen and paper and forget about technology if it was going to be that difficult.