Aunty Megan – Friday 13th August 2021

Aunty Megan

Yesterday we had a phone call from Switzerland to tell us that my aunty Megan has died. Mum was very sad. If you’ve been reading the diary for a long while then you’ll know the story. But here is a very short version so that you understand.

Why Megan?

Years ago Mum would have liked to have children, but that didn’t work out. She’d have really liked a little girl called Megan. When she had to give up on the idea of having a daughter she decided to have a little girl dog and call her Megan instead. This was when she had decided to work to develop our breed, so she wanted a girl who would be suitable for breeding. The first puppy she was going to have is still alive and well and lives with friends of ours near where Dad is. She is Megan one. Mum had to decide not to have her to live with us as her tail curled too far and she would not have passed her breeding tests.

Megan Two

In the meantime Shadow joined the family as James’s dog. That at least spared her from having to be called Megan. Mum waited for a suitable puppy to be born in Switzerland and along came aunty Megan, or Megan two. She was born in October 2009 in Switzerland and lived with Mum’s dear friends there. Mum was supposed to go to visit her when she only a couple of months old, in January 2010. Unfortunately it snowed so much that Mum’s train was cancelled. It was the old days when a pup had to be older before she could travel, so the first time they met was when Megan was 6 months old. It was love at first sight.

Aunty Megan Moving to England

Megan moved to England that summer and all was well for a while. I’m going to cut a long story short, or I’ll be here all day. It turned out that Megan couldn’t have puppies, which was all very sad. Mum described her as her little ‘sex tourist’ as Megan was happy to go to the Netherlands and Switzerland to mate, but just didn’t get pregnant. Mum still loved her. That wasn’t the problem, which is frankly a relief to me as I can’t have puppies either. Anyway, Megan really wanted to be an only dog. She really wanted to be Mum’s only dog. That didn’t work in a house where she was part of a pack of four.

Taking it out on Alfie

Megan started taking her frustrations out on Alfie. She was sometimes very unpleasant to him indeed and Mum had to keep them apart, which didn’t make for a happy home. In the end, Megan moved to live with a lovely family in the Black Forest in Germany where she was an only dog to devoted humans. She was much happier for the move, but Mum never stopped loving her and feeling sad that they couldn’t be together. I’m told I’m very like aunty Megan, except for thankfully that I like having the others around.

I’ll save the story about the day that Megan had a chunk bitten out of her ear for another day!

I wish I could give Mum a big hug today, but Shadow is doing that for all of us.



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