Farty Dog – Friday 10th September 2021

Farty Dog

Shadow is a farty dog. Mum is thoroughly fed up with her. Oh, it makes me happy to be here. Under normal circumstances Mum would have opened all the windows. There’s just one small problem. Near where Mum is staying there had been the burning off of a stubble field. It means there’s smoke in the air outside, which starts Mum’s asthma. The choice is farty dog or smoke and she’s having to choose farty dog. Shadow says she can’t smell anything and doesn’t see what the problem is. Oh you do have to laugh – well, at least Ari and I are laughing.

To be fair, Ari is laughing more than I am as he’s had her with him for the last fortnight.

Registering with a vet

It’s awful, we have to register with a new vet. The good news is that I’m going to our lovely vet next week to bring all my vaccinations up to date before I move. Mum has also said we can still come up here for our heart scans for consistency, but like it or not, for routine care we have to register with a new vet. We have to do it now so that Mum can order new tags for our collars. I’ve asked if my new tag could be diamond encrusted, but apparently that’s not one of the options on the site Mum is using. I suggested she should use another site. She suggested I should change my expectations!

I do hope the new vet realises what they are letting themselves in for with us lot. They need to cope with being rooed at before we’ll cooperate. I guess they see all sorts, but it does take the whole surgery to hold me down for my kennel cough vaccination!



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