Why the barking? – Friday 29th April 2021

Why the barking?

I’ve sat down with Shadow and asked her why the barking? She didn’t reply. When I asked her again she still didn’t respond. Then the penny began to drop. She couldn’t hear me. Mum had the same problem when she took Shadow into the garden. Mum went back out of the side gate so she could fetch Aristotle. Shadow waited at the gate for her but Mum then came out through the back door. Mum called to her and she didn’t respond. She went nearer and called again, still nothing. It was only when Mum gently tapped Shadow’s side that she had any idea that Mum was there. Shadow seems to have gone deaf.

First things first

Mum gave Shadow’s ears a good examination to see if they were blocked. One looks completely clear and the other was quite waxy. We got out the cotton wool and some warm water and Mum set to work to give Shadow’s ear a really thorough clean. It’s too early to know if it will have helped her at all, but as the other one wasn’t blocked but she still can’t seem to hear through it, we aren’t optimistic.

New Techniques

Mum says it means she really needs to learn some new techniques for how best to help Shadow. Obviously we want to get to the point where Shadow can be in the office next to Mum and that will help. There is more than that though. We go through our life enjoying being told we’re a good dog when we do something right. If we can’t hear, then we don’t know you are praising us. Mum says she needs to remember to show Shadow she is good through touch, rather than sound. She is thinking about other implications too. Do let us know if you have any ideas as we want Shadow to be as happy as possible.



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