Mum is missing me – Saturday 11th September 2021

Aristotle makes his feelings known

Mum is Missing Me

Mum is missing me, which is really good news, for me anyway. She says it’s just not the same having Shadow around. For one thing, with Shadow being deaf, Mum doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I know what you’re thinking, she can talk to Shadow just as easily. But it’s not actually true. I respond to the things Mum says and she misses that. She still communicates with Shadow through hand signals and touch, but Mum is no good at explaining all her ideas that way. Secondly, Mum is missing her walks. She still doesn’t feel well enough for a long walk, but she’d love to go to the woods and Shadow just doesn’t want to.

On the upside

There are positives. Shadow doesn’t get stressed going to see our grandparents although Mum did have to tell her off for shouting. Yesterday they went to collect Dad’s Yucca plant ready to move that to our new home. Mum’s now building quite a collection of plants outside the door of where she’s staying and the car is filthy. Mum says she will worry about that later.

Our new tags have been ordered with our new address on them and Mum is slowly working through her very long list of what she has to do for the move. Mum is counting down and there are now only ten more days until we get the key. I suppose that’s where the hard work really starts, but I’ll let her do most of that while I supervise.

Seeing Dad

What I’m really counting down to is the thirteen days there are now until I see Dad and the fourteen to us all being together in the house. It is going to be such a wonderful reunion. I’m guessing there’s a risk of Aristotle misbehaving a bit in protest for the summer he’s had, but he’ll soon get over it. He’s not really a bad dog.