Missing Mum – Wednesday 26th January 2022

Missing Mum

Ok, enough already, I’m missing Mum. I just can’t help worrying that she is not safe to leave on her own. She’s rung and reassured me that she’s ok, but I’m neglecting my duties. She must need me by her side. There’s no one there to make her laugh by getting covered in paint – except her of course. She hasn’t had her hair cut since before the pandemic began and it’s very long. She has it tied up but the ponytail is very long… and yellow! It dipped in the paint tin when she put her head down to paint under the radiator. This is what I miss. I’m not there to laugh at her.

Fresh air

I’ve also explained to Mum that fresh air is good for her. When we aren’t there to take her out she tends to stay indoors too much. Someone needs to coax her out of the back door whatever the weather and that’s our job.

The other thing I’ve explained to her time and time again is that if she drops food on the kitchen floor and we’re not there, then she needs to clean it up. She’s so used to our being canine vacuum cleaners when it comes to food stuffs that without our help the floor would get very dirty. She’s pretty clumsy, so dropping things is a normal occurrence.

Missing the nice things

I’m missing the nice things too. The thought of Mum having a lie in without me is unbearable. That’s when I can be closest to her, snuggled into her body, all cosy under the duvet. I’m the only one who has that privilege and it’s time that’s priceless. I certainly don’t get time like that in kennels.

I’m going to be very pleased to see her when she comes to pick us up.