Shadow’s Blood Tests – Thursday 27th January 2022

Shadow’s blood tests

Shadow got the results of her blood tests yesterday. She was on the phone for quite a while, but then had to ring Mum for some help in understanding them. In short, we still have no idea why she has had fainting episodes. That’s sort of a good thing. Although not knowing is a real pain, that’s better than it being something bad. She does have raised levels of two things I couldn’t spell, which show that she has underlying pancreas problems. We already knew that and Mum manages it as carefully as she can. There was something else slightly elevated which was to do with kidneys, but was not significant enough to worry about. Which all goes to mean we’re none the wiser.

Threatening to stay

While she was on the phone, Mum told Ari she had booked him in for his kennel cough injection. We all hate that one as it is squirted up our noses. To be fair, I’m the worst. It takes several people to hold me for it. Ari is instead threatening direct action and says if it’s all the same to Mum he’ll stay on here for a while. That plan was thwarted when Mum explained to him that without his kennel cough update he wouldn’t be allowed to stay. Shadow was shaking her head at his behaviour, right up to the point that Mum said she was booked in for the week after Ari for all her vaccinations including her kennel cough. I felt pretty smug at that stay as mine are months away.

Herb seeds

What did cheer Ari up was Mum telling him that his herb seeds have arrived. He wants to start planting some of them in the green house fairly soon I think. He says he need to make a start with the parsnips next week though.