Preparing for Dad – Thursday 10th February 2022

Preparing for Dad

I love the times when we are preparing for Dad coming home. Because of Mum’s health we still have a time that Dad quarantines from Mum. However during those days we dogs play a very important role in spending time with him. For now we’re mainly running up and down stairs to the bedroom he uses for quarantine, getting everything ready. He doesn’t think it’s such a bad life as he always his has favourite foods and drinks as provisions, a kettle and a fridge. If he wants something then one of us is always happy to get it and it isn’t too bad at all. It just means that Mum and Dad don’t actually see each other for those days, which is hard – unless the weather is good.

Rules keep changing

Every time he travels the rules seem to have changed. This time they are changing on the day he travels, which seems to be confusing everyone. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and he won’t have any problems. Mum will pick him up from the airport. I do miss going to pick him up from the train station with her as I used to where we lived before, but he gets home much faster now so I just have to wait to see him in the house. Patience is not a virtue we have as a breed and I’m one of the worst.

The best bits

Apart from all the time I’m hoping we spend in the garden, one of the best bits about Dad being home is that Mum sits in the lounge in an evening. It means we can all sit with her. That’s not strictly true. It means I can sit in the chair with Mum while the others sit on the floor and look up longingly – but it amounts to much the same. That will have to wait until Dad is out of quarantine, but it really is something to look forward to and does us all good.



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