Make the Most of Playing – Wednesday 9th February 2022

Make the most of playing

I really think we should all make the most of playing while we can. I know I told you that for her birthday, Shadow was going to have a gently game of ball with Mum, but it didn’t go as planned. Shadow used to be the queen of ball playing. She would have chased a ball all day if she’d been allowed to. I can remember times when she and I just had to find some shade to lie in absolutely puffed, for at least five minutes before starting again. Those days are gone for Shadow.

Mum rolled the ball very gently for her so she didn’t try running too much. Once I don’t think Shadow saw the ball at all. It might be as it is a greeny colour and was against the green of the grass. Mum did a basic eye test with her later and she can clearly still see but maybe not well enough to make out shapes. Another time she started trotting toward the ball, but either lost interest or forgot what she was doing before she got there.

Giving her encouragement

Then yesterday I took Shadow out and tried to give her some encouragement to play by running past her squeaking the ball and telling her to chase me. She didn’t. I know Shadow is the human equivalent of being ninety-one, but it still felt sad. We talked about it afterwards and Shadow said she’s finding pottering around the garden is as much as she can manage and even that takes concentration.

It all left me thinking that we need to play ball while we can and enjoy every minute. There comes a day when we are all too sore to run around and play. By then we need to have built up enough memories of our playing days to carry us through.

Go play ball today and enjoy every moment.