That was close – Wednesday 16th February 2022

That was close

Well, that was close. When Mum took Shadow out to go to the toilet last night there were some ducks on our pond. Shadow must have caught a scent of them or something else that had headed for the pond and instead of going to the toilet where she was supposed to, she just trotted down the garden in the direction of the pond. Mum caught her with one paw mid air about to put it down where the path had finished and the pond began. Mum said her heart was racing trying to get there in time to stop the impending splash. Fishing Shadow out of the pond during the day would be bad enough, but trying to do it in the dark when Mum was already wearing her favourite pyjamas would not have gone down well.

And then

And then, to add insult to injury the ducks quacked and flew up into the air and Shadow started heading in their direction again. For an old dog she can move pretty quickly when she wants to. Thankfully, it seems, so can Mum.

By the time they came inside Mum was lecturing Shadow on the dangers of the pond. Now, humour me here, but who benefits from lecturing a deaf dog exactly? Fair enough, Mum has been cleaning Shadow’s ears out on a regular basis but she still can’t hear a great deal. I think Mum just needed to get her concern out of her system.  She’s even wondering about taking out on her lead when it’s dark and she’s less likely to see where she’s going.

Vet Visit

Shadow is going to the vet for her vaccinations today. She’s also going to talk to the vet about hers and Mum’s research into what is causing her fainting episodes. It will be interesting to see if the vet thinks they are on the right lines.