Can we come out now? – Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Can we come out now?

Can we come out now? Have the storms passed? There was one funny bit with the last storm and that was the Christmas tree. I should just explain that our Christmas tree is still in its stand. It only made it as far as the patio. It’s travelled further in the last few days than it had since the beginning of December. The first storm blew it over. Between storms one and two it was driven as far as it would go to the left of the patio as we look out. Mum tucked the rest of her garden ornaments in an alcove to the right for safety.

Then Franklin arrived

Now, whereas Dudley and Eunice seemed to have winds which hit us from the south-west, Franklin had other ideas and tried to catch us out. Franklin brough wind due west for a while before swinging around to south west. As the hail was pelting down, Mum realised with complete horror that the Christmas tree was being moved in much the fashion of a battering ram towards her other garden ornaments. She told us all to stay indoors and then bravely battled the elements to make sure there was something blocking the Christmas tree’s way and acting as a buffer for the ornaments.

Squirrel table

Thankfully there is a very heavy base of a coffee table on the patio. It’s Mum’s squirrel table that wouldn’t fit in the house but is thankfully weather proof. It also turned out to be the perfect way to stop the Christmas tree going the wrong way. It would of course be far easier if the humans around here would sort out the disposal of the Christmas tree, but give them time.

The change of wind direction added another downpipe to the list of casualties so as long as the weather is good enough we’ll be out doing repairs.




  1. Hi Wilma,
    The image of your Mum’s look of ‘complete horror’ is going to stay with me for a while. Glad to hear that you (and the Xmas tree ?) are safe.

    • It takes a lot for Mum to want to go out in weather like that. You should have seen her!

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