Bring me sunshine – Wednesday 23rd February 2022


Bring me sunshine

Finally a reason to go around singing ‘bring me sunshine’. Oh it felt so good when the sun came out yesterday. It was still quite breezy but it just felt much better. The good news is that the stakes have arrived to see if we can save the tree that blew down. I don’t think I’m expected to help, but it will take both Mum and Dad to help sort it out. We’re just hoping that it’s not too late for the tree.

Mum says the very first day that she is home all day and the weather is nice we’re going to spend all day outside. I’m not sure what her definition of nice weather is but I’m going to check with her every morning in case today is the day. Mum has said that Saturday might be a possibility.

About the decorating

I’m a very worried dog. Mum likes the colour purple quite a lot. The kitchen will be purple once everything is finished, but she keeps seeing other things and saying they could be painted too. Now, I know I got a purple head when I came up under a drawer that Dad was painting but I have a horrible thought that if I stay still too long then the whole of me might be painted purple. How do you tell an obsessive person that it really is time to stop? What’s the right way to break the news to them?

Normally we can rely on Dad to intervene, but he seems to be agreeing with her at the moment. This is not going to end well. I should perhaps be grateful that it’s purple she likes and not something worse.

I have asked if we can have a say in decorating the utility as that’s where our crates will be. I’m waiting for an answer. I was thinking more in terms of a mountain scene like my beloved homeland.