More Fencing – Thursday 24th February 2022

More fencing

It looks as though there is going to be some more fencing. This time it’s the pond. Mum isn’t worried about me particularly as I’ve got the good sense to keep out of the pond. It’s Shadow she is worried about. Shadow seems to simply not realise it’s there half the time and especially at night. Mum says she really doesn’t want to be trying to get Shadow out at 3am on a dark night. There have been several times Mum has had to leap into action to stop Shadow just blithely walking off the edge.

Out of our depth

It’s quite a deep pond and it doesn’t have an edge we could clamber out onto. I said we could have a little beach and maybe some sand I could dig in. Mum even wondered about draining the pond and then building in some raised areas so we could get out. The other possibility was to put a metal grating over the top, but because of the size of the pond it would have to be made to measure.

Now Dad has suggested a low decorative fence might be an option and Mum seems to think it’s a good idea.

Looking at options

Mum says she has a picture in her head of how it might look and will now look into the options. She has made me promise not to see it as a temptation to try hurdling. She knows me too well. I see something like that and get the urge to jump it. I’d get a bit of a shock if I ended in the water. I’ve promised faithfully that I won’t do that – tempting as it is.

The problem at the moment is that Mum and Dad are coming up with more projects than they will ever have time to do. I wonder how long this one will take.