Never as easy – Saturday 26th February 2022

Never as easy

Jobs are never as easy as you imagine. Mum thought now the tree stakes had arrived that they could replant the tree which came down in the storm. You’d think that was a reasonable thought. However, problem number one is that whilst the stakes might be fine for small fruit trees they really aren’t big enough for a large pine tree. Problem number two, after Mum used one of her fence posts instead, they established that the tree still had no intention of staying in the ground and probably would need completely digging out and replanting. Just for the record, the fence post is now stuck in the ground even if the tree isn’t.

Mum is now having to decide whether it is worth paying for a specialist to come and see what needs doing or whether the poor tree will be read its last rights and another tree planted in its place. The decision could go either way, but we’re going out this morning to look at the problem together and make a decision.


Meanwhile the fencing for around the pond has been ordered and should be with us by next Wednesday. Unlike the paint. Twice we’ve been told the paint will be delivered today. And twice it hasn’t been and we can’t find out what’s happening. Mum keeps getting all excited only to have her hopes dashed. We all sit by the window shouting ‘I think it’s here’ every time a vehicle goes past. Then we get told off, which seems very ungrateful even if we are wrong. The funny thing is that in our last house it was always Shadow who used to shout when she thought someone was coming. Now she’s too deaf and her eyesight not good enough to tell. We do all the shouting then she just joins in at the end but has no idea what she’s barking about.



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