Top Ten Pet Blogs – Thursday 21st April 2022

Top Ten Pet Blogs

We are very proud to announce that this is our sixth year as one of the UK’s top ten pet blogs. I think Alfie would be very proud of the work I’ve done since I took over from him. We have moved up the rankings by three places since last year and now are at an amazing number four. Thank you to all of you for joining us on our remarkable journey. We love sharing our lives with you and hope you have as much fun along the way as we do. We’d also like to send our congratulations to the other blogs who make it into the top ten – well done all of you.

Watching Paint Dry

To be honest, hearing the news of our success was as much excitement as I could take for one day. I spent the afternoon, quite literally, watching paint dry. I have long since learnt that hearing a human says words like ‘woops’ is a good reason to sit some distance away. Mum was painting the ticket office and herself. It’s a rather fetching grey for the wood, but I have to say it doesn’t look quite so good on a human. How she painted her elbow no one quite knows. At least with the spots on her face we have more of a clue.

Hopefully no ‘woops’ today

We are sincerely hoping we won’t hear Mum say ‘woops’ again today. She is going to try manoeuvring the new mower in and out of the shed for the first time. We are staying a long way out of the way and if we hear her say woops then we may have heard the sound of things in the shed breaking long before that. Ari says he’s putting his paws very firmly over his ears just in case.



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