My diet is over – Monday 23rd May 2022

My diet is over

My diet is over and I’m a happy dog. Just don’t tell Mum, she doesn’t know. Oh, she’s still giving me diet food and watching every small amount of food she gives me, but the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. Crops are starting to be available to me in the garden. The wild strawberry plants have wild strawberries on them – how cool is that? Mum will never notice. She’s allergic to strawberries so wouldn’t want them anyway and she will assume the birds have eaten them. I still have to wait for the apples, pears, cherries, hazelnuts, carrots and parsnips amongst other things, but I can start on the strawberries.

Bucket List

Mum looked up where the term ‘bucket list’ originated from. Apparently it’s things humans want to do before they ‘kick the bucket’ or more to the point die. I have decided that by the same token for a dog it should be called our rainbow list – the things we want to do before we cross the Rainbow Bridge. Actually, when you think about it, Rainbow List is a much nicer name than Bucket List.

Mine isn’t likely to have things like ‘See the Taj Mahal’ but it might well have ‘Visit every National Park in the UK’. I need to give it some thought and then present it to Mum so she can help me achieve it. Here’s a question to all you dogs out there, what should I put on my Rainbow List? We could work on it together and maybe I could even meet you at some of the places. What do you think?


My bed has been washed. This is a very distressing event for a dog. It has taken me a long time to build up those levels of dirt and old hair. It’s worse than that. Some parts of my bed have been thrown away – actually binned! It took me hours to shred it the way I like. Now I’ve got to start all over again.