Scarecrow – Thursday 8th September 2022


Mum is intent on making a scarecrow. She seems to be subject to the delusion that we would like to help. Quite apart from that, she also seems to be somewhat overoptimistic about her artistic talents. I reminded her of our poor attempts in the past. Could she not remember our awful Easter bonnet or our utterly talentless pumpkin carving? Mum is a prime example of an optimist. This time is always going to turn out better than the last.

The rules for the scarecrow

There are three conditions for entries to the village competition. Firstly, it must be made from scratch, so no cheating with a shop bought scarecrow. Secondly, it must include some straw – this is more of a problem for Mum than not buying a ready made one. She had no plan to buy a scarecrow, but she doesn’t actually have any straw. Thirdly, the theme is helping the environment.  

What about a dog?

No scarecrow could possibly be complete without a dog. I suspect that unless Mum has an especially artistic moment, our scarecrow won’t have a best friend by his side. As long as Mum doesn’t expect me to sit their quietly while the judging takes place I don’t mind!

Today’s job is to go around the garden and the sheds to see what available parts we can find that might help to make a body. I have a horrible feeling our scarecrow is not going to look anything like the ones you normally see and is very unlikely to put off any birds.


Ari is happy as he’s off swimming again. He says it will also give him the perfect excuse to say he’s too tired to help with the scarecrow. I suspect he’s got the right idea. Last week seems to have done him good, so I’m pleased he’s going again.