Halloween – Saturday 29th October 2022


It is of course Halloween on Monday, but people, what are you doing to your best friends? We had an interesting report from the lovely people at Go.Compare’s pet insurance about the costumes you humans have been searching to find for your pets. From a pet point of view, it doesn’t make for happy reading. Now, I know I have a Christmas jumper that matches one of Mum’s, but I so often feel sorry for dogs who spend half their lives trying to decide what outfit to wear. Of course, we aren’t all blessed with the beautiful coat that I wear every day, and I know from Shadow how much some of you must feel the cold, but let’s just look at your most popular choices of costume for Halloween – if your searches are anything to go by.

Top Spot

The top spot for a cat is a pumpkin. Oh the indignity. I suppose on the other paw they should be grateful, the top choice for dogs is a spider outfit. People, even famous human writers have made clear that ‘Four legs good’. At the time they mistakenly thought two legs might be better, but no one ever mentioned eight legs being an improvement.

I’m more distressed about the second place choices. For a dog the second place is pumpkin, so no surprises there – except, for cats the choice is gingerbread. How come owners think of sweet things when they think of their cat, but it doesn’t even rank in the top ten for dogs?

Don’t tell Dad

Please don’t tell Dad that at number seven for dogs was a panda outfit. He loves pandas. Can you imagine what it would be like if he thought he could combine the best of both worlds and have both me and a panda? It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Anyway, as the lovely people rightly point out, if you are going to get an outfit, do buy the right size and make sure they are comfortable. Use a tape measure to check sizing before you buy. Have a great time and if you have to force the indignity of a costume on your dog or cat, then please send us a picture.