Carried away – Sunday 20th November 2022

Carried away

Mum is definitely getting carried away with the Christmas lights. So far we have put up 2,500 fairy lights. Of course, they are all LEDs so don’t use much electricity and almost all of them run from batteries. Yesterday we worked our way around the orchard putting up ten strings of 100 lights in different trees. There would be ten more lots to go up, but sadly one of them has stopped working. I think Mum wants to put some in the front garden, but I won’t be allowed to help with those.

At least she has remembered to tell Dad not to do any pruning of the apple trees until the lights come down again. If she’d forgotten, then things could have gone very wrong.

Cherry bushes

Aristotle is particularly excited about the arrival of the cherry bushes he ordered. He says he thinks I’ll like the fruit from those as long as we get to them before either the birds or Mum. He needs Mum to help him prepare the ground where they are going in. One thing Mum has said is that they can’t go too near the fence line in case the sheep start to nibble them. It’s bad enough having to contend with the birds, let alone the sheep.

About the sheep

Now, about the sheep. I’m really a little concerned. If I’m not very much mistaken, there is a ram in the field along with the usual girls. I hope they’re all going to be all right left in together. Looking at him, I don’t fancy going in to help if the girls need me. I could send Shadow. She would still be prepared to respond, but only as she wouldn’t have a clue what was going on around her, so that would probably be a bit mean.