A day of achievements – Tuesday 9th July 2024

A day of achievements

Yesterday was a day of achievements. From my point of view, the most important was going for a full twenty minute walk. I coped absolutely fine, which Mum and I are taking as a good sign. To be honest, I’ve been chewing both of my knees and did squeal when Mum put my harness on me a couple of days ago. I was stretching at the time so we don’t know if it was what I was doing or what she was doing that caused the pain. Anyway, a twenty minute walk is good thing. We are waiting to see how well I’m moving today, but if all goes to plan we are going for another twenty minute walk today.

We are sticking to the same quiet route at the moment, so that I don’t get overexcited. I asked if we could go to the racecourse, but Mum says I will need to wait a few weeks before we can do that.

Mum’s Contribution

Mum’s achievement was to finish making the last of the cushion covers for the garden room. She still has her music stool to recover and the door stops to make, but at least the cushions all now match my bed and look lovely. She is trying to do the stool today and says that is harder so she will need to concentrate.

The door stops will be plan B. Plan A was to make them out of wood, but it turned out the wood wasn’t heavy enough and when the wind blew the doors tried to close. Plan B will be pink sacks filled with stones. I’m sure Mum would describe them a little more delicately, but that’s basically the sum of it. We’re just hoping that plan B will be enough as we don’t have a plan C.



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