My Toy Box – Wednesday 10th July 2024

My Toy Box

My toy box has come out of storage. It is so good to be reunited with it. I’m not really allowed to get carried away playing at the moment, but Mum has put it where I can see it and that is better than nothing. There was a very distressing hour or two when Mum decided all my cuddly toys needed to go through the wash. ALL of them – at the same time. It left me a very worried and upset dog, until I was able to check they were all ok. To be fair, they weren’t originally all mine, but I like to think that Alfie, Shadow and Aristotle would be happy that I’ve taken their cuddly toys under my wing – so to speak.

I was also reunited with my second best cushion – ok, so it used to be Alfie’s. It does now mean I have a pillow whichever crate I’m in and I do like that. It saves me having to try to fashion my own out of the corner of the bed.

Planning my holiday

Mum has said we need to start the planning for our holiday in September. About time too – that’s what I said. I can’t wait to go back to Switzerland. Obviously, I wish Dad could come with us for all of it, but he will at least be able to come for part of the trip. We’re staying somewhere we’ve not stayed before, but it’s not too far from my mountain. I’m still hoping I can see a lot of my sister Valeria and my birth humans. I do enjoy seeing my family. I shall go to see Tosca too, but that means a bit of a drive.

I’m guessing there may be things Mum wants to do too, but she’ll fit those around my plans, I’m sure.



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